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Updated on March 22, 2019 at 02:15 AM

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The last update of March 22, 2019 has 68 clues, all of which are answered below.

March 22, 2019 Answers

Some toddler sizes
Biblical city on the plain of Jordan
Sarcastic response
Sound from a pen
President who resigned during the fall of Saigon
Place for a medallion
Dish that's both hot and cold
Brian who was the 1980 N.F.L. M.V.P.
Lousy floor contractor
Ex amount
Unleashes (on)
Theory that many different realities are happening at once
"You should know better"
___ discussion
Auctor ___ (authorize, in legalese)
Reasons for redos
Construction piece with wide flanges
Certain gardening supplies
"Facts First" sloganeer
Producer of 1965's "Doctor Zhivago"
Easter Island statues
Some displays of power, for short
Brought (in)
Record-holding Italian soccer club whose name means "youth"
[mic drop]
Detective in an aloha shirt
Santa ___ (virgin martyr in the Italian Catholic Church)
Goes down
"Couldn't agree more"
Sainted English historian
Leg exercise
Something sailors may see over the horizon
Joint pain from playing too many video games
Laundry leftover
Old Scandinavian poets
Refuses to cool down
World-weary exclamation
Big name in handbags
Masterwork in philology, for short
Healthful bowlful for breakfast
"Everything's fouled up"
Helps in getting out of jail
___ report
Article of apparel for a jam band
Fellow at a pub
Old World animals sometimes called toddy cats
After a long wait
Make public
Can opener?
Long-haired cat with sapphire-blue eyes
Put back into the market
"Try it!"
Whopped on the head
It's a put-on
Rogue and Armada
First woman to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album as a solo artist
Perfect representation
Figure in some hymns
Pacific island that's also the name of part of the body
Brasserie entrée


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