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Updated on April 06, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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The last update of April 06, 2020 has 76 clues, all of which are answered below.

April 06, 2020 Answers

Rights org.
"It was 20 years ___ today ..." (Beatles lyric)
Minnesota's "crazy" state bird
Roosters' mates
New ___, India's capital
Another name for [see shaded squares]
Souped-up engine sound
"19," "21" and "25" singer
Rod and ___ (fishing equipment)
The "M" of MSG
Give a quick greeting
Another name for [see shaded squares]
Praiseful poem
Rug rat
Fawn's mother
"u r 2 funny!"
Macho guy
"We were just talking about you!"
What a radar gun measures
Rowing tool
Blackjack card worth one or 11 points
Homophone of 44-Across
Org. with the Suns and the Heat
Another name for [see shaded squares]
Nature photographer Adams
"And ... it's gone!"
City about 280 miles NW of München
Pass, as a law
French place of education
Another name for [see shaded squares]
Incurred, as expenses
Distinguishing features of Mr. Spock
Place of banishment for Napoleon
"___, what is the meaning of life?" (modern query)
Holder of peas
___ mater
Thick string
Toss and turn, say
Throw in the trash
First word in a fairy tale
Word often ending in -ly: Abbr.
"If I may ..."
Emotionally detached
French wine valley
East ___ (U.N. member since 2002)
Silverstein who wrote and illustrated "The Giving Tree"
King: Sp.
Certain Protestant
Virtual reality chamber in the "Star Trek" universe
Like many intramural sports
Successors to LPs
Klutz's cry
John who sang "Candle in the Wind"
Single and ready to mingle
"Good going!"
2005 sci-fi movie starring Charlize Theron
Actress Russell of "Felicity" and "The Americans"
Hot pepper
Played the first card
Thin wood finish
"Madama Butterfly," for one
Train that makes every stop
Lorna ___ (Nabisco cookie)
Southern Japanese port city
"Oh yeah? ___ who!"
Long jump
Havana's home
Skier's way up a mountain
Org. that cleans up oil spills
Drug to trip on


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