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Updated on June 26, 2019 at 06:15 AM

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The last update of June 26, 2019 has 76 clues, all of which are answered below.

June 26, 2019 Answers

Spanish newborn
Store offering that can be free
Produce producers
Help around the house
Sans-serif font choice
"American ___ Warrior" (NBC competition series)
Condescending sort
One of the first five inductees at Cooperstown
Break down
Flicked bit
Go after, in a way
Take it easy
"What chutzpah!"
"Cut that out!"
Big name in snow blowers
Paycheck abbr.
"Holy guacamole!"
Alfred Nobel and others
Top with spaghetti straps
Little bit
Sleep study stage
Be behind
"Toy Story" boy
Oldest golfer to win a P.G.A. Tour event (at 52 years 10 months)
In need of a break, say
Come up short
Canine command usually spoken slowly in a low voice
Compete in a no-blinking contest
Short cut
Special holiday periods
Empathetic comment
What autocorrect corrects
College athlete, e.g.
Land east of Iran: Abbr.
One-___ (modest bathing attire)
Part of an auto engine
Melber of MSNBC
Light wash
Something a college junior has that a freshman usually doesn't
Big hunks
Whimsically witty
Clicking device
Bits of writing often accompanied by headshots
Group of quail
Some recurring YouTube journals
Figures on USA's "Suits": Abbr.
Third place
Help for pulling an all-nighter
And the like: Abbr.
What connoisseurs don't have, by definition
Key with a chain, maybe
The enemy
Help in supporting (or refuting) a hunch
"Get ready!"
Knock for a loop
Shade akin to rust
___ Menzel, Tony-winning actress for "Wicked"
Author of "Burr" and "Lincoln"
Sudden shocks
Look forward to
Two-tone beast that sleeps standing up
Printed slips
Great shakes?
Contraction in "Jingle Bells"
Spot for a good cause, for short
Whiskey choice


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