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Updated on April 24, 2019 at 02:15 AM

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The last update of April 24, 2019 has 74 clues, all of which are answered below.

April 24, 2019 Answers

Make known to customs officials
Makes a decision on Tinder
Sending out a memo, say
Mother ___
*1956 sci-fi movie with Robby the Robot
Big name in classic video games
Undergo a chemical change
*2006 rom-com starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum
Curvy letter
"Bien sûr!"
Obama ___
Put 10,000 hours into, it's said
Forgets to include
*1961 musical for which Rita Moreno won an Oscar
"Wouldn't that be nice!"
Word often repeated with a different pronunciation
___-Manuel Miranda, creator of "Hamilton"
Texter's qualifier
British P.M. beginning in 2016
*1953 musical with songs by Cole Porter
Tucker out
Fabulous writer?
Parts of the spine
What the film answering each starred clue was inspired by
Gay of the New Journalism movement
Rush of Black Friday shoppers, e.g.
Wearable by anyone
"I'm laughing so much it hurts!"
Hams it up on stage
Ring figures
Large scale of the universe?
Et ___ (citation words)
Relieved (of)
Legendary snake exterminator, for short
Actress Raquel
Mad as hell
Write down
Linguistic suffix
Took a load off
Actor Richard
Classic game console, for short
Figure (out)
"Play that beat!"
Only female Israeli prime minister
Like many modern black-and-white films
Lil ___ X, rapper with the 2019 #1 hit "Old Town Road"
Bit of salty language
Some advanced degs.
Tokyo's former name
Cancel, as a fine
"Beetle Bailey" dog
Herd noise
Conflict with the European Theater of Operations, for short
German one
"Me too!"
Gave the wrong message
Business whose income is computed quarterly?
"But of course!"
"For goodness' ___!"
Reagan attorney general
County name in England and five U.S. states
Keystone character
"Great" creatures
Actress Hedren
Pelosi and Schumer, informally
Fox News commentator Varney, familiarly
China's ___ dynasty
Ring figure
You can bank on it
Unit of sunshine


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