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Updated on July 23, 2021 at 02:15 AM

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The last update of July 23, 2021 has 72 clues, all of which are answered below.

July 23, 2021 Answers

Did a bang-up job
Country without an official army, navy or air force
Counterpart of "blanche"
G.I. pal of Forrest Gump
Plug, say
Big name in slip-on shoes
"Guarding ___" (1994 Shirley MacLaine movie)
"Sure, they can go right ahead"
Crystal gazer's lead-in
Props to a proofreader
Scrip specs
1994 Olympics locale: Abbr.
Amusement park ride, perhaps
Company division
Like some parking and poetry
Tasmania's capital
Free add-on?
TNT, in poker slang
Spot of coffee?
Lead-in to service or sacrifice
Diciembre : doce :: enero : ___
Shiny balloon material
Winter Olympics maneuver
Certain bank job
Relative of mauve
Queen's "We Are the Champions" vis-à-vis "We Will Rock You"
Cut back
More calculating
Attraction at a water park
Broadway character who sings "The Rumor"
One way to gauge how well connected you are
Looped in, in a way
Kind of treatment
Classic hit that begins "My friends feel it's their appointed duty ..."
Go down
"I shall see thee, ___ I die, look pale with love": "Much Ado About Nothing"
Become slick, in a way
Landing place
Letters that can fill in the blanks of "_A_D_ER" to make an appropriate surname
Elusive thing for a popular show
Pool service?
Rub out
One who knows the drama of raising children?
Maze runner
Dashboard abbr.
"Do Ya" band, informally
Experimented with
Enterprise group
Kylo of "Star Wars"
Sixers in pro sports, for short?
Elementium or obsidium, in World of Warcraft
Low sound
Oversize letter at the beginning of a chapter
Initiates a proposal, maybe
"Good heavens!"
Once you're forced into this, there's no going back
Stopping point
Still in it
Tears down
Sluggish flow
Official document, informally
Time for a countdown: Abbr.


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