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Updated on May 22, 2019 at 02:15 AM

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The last update of May 22, 2019 has 74 clues, all of which are answered below.

May 22, 2019 Answers

Nutrition label unit
Air of confidence, in slang
Distinctive quality
Con, across the Pyrenees
Take a taxi, informally
Alternative to a taxi
"Etta ___" (old comic strip)
Pizzeria fixtures
One for the money
Casual greetings
Diarist Nin
Two for the show
Crew member's item
Popular Japanese brew
Be decisive
One way to sway
Hardly welcoming
Nabokov title character
Religion with an apostrophe in its name
60 minuti
Sticky stuff
Three to get ready
___ fuzz
Rare outcome of a Scrabble game
Four to go
Island NW of Oahu
Redhead on kids' TV
Pioneering computer operating system
Pakistan's longest river
Reformer Jacob who wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
Jazz singer Simone
Hyatt hiree
Part of a musical note
Ancient land conquered by Caesar
Naïve sort
First first lady
Launches an offensive
Passages to planes
One-eighth of a circle
Surfboard/kayak hybrid
Act as a lookout for, say
Next of ___
"The X-Files" extras, briefly
Like some crying babies
Took cover
China's Chou En-___
Knock on, as a door
Prefix with -dontic
Muse for Lord Byron
Like some currents
"Semper ___" (Marine Corps motto)
Militant org. in a 1994 peace agreement
Guaranteed to succeed
Give a hand
To whom Hamlet says "Get thee to a nunnery"
Lacking polish
Earth tones
Syndicated fare
Automaker based in Bavaria
Send out
Not yet out of the running
Tree hugger?
One might be taken orally
Most common Korean surname
Santa ___, Calif.


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