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Updated on August 09, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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The last update of August 09, 2020 has 140 clues, all of which are answered below.

August 09, 2020 Answers

Spanish rice
Little sucker?
Smallish batteries
Like a seacoast after a storm, maybe
Ferris Bueller's girlfriend
___ B. Wells, civil rights pioneer
S as in soup?
Kind of drawing
Icarus's downfall
Skip work for health reasons
Words after "Ooh, ooh!"
Beau, to Brigitte
Verbal stumbles
Baseball catcher
Boy band with two members who previously starred on "The Mickey Mouse Club"
Little suckers
Headgear for a tailgater
One of the Arnazes
"... but it's up to you"
Famously green shampoo
Rap's Shakur
Pope after Benedict IV
*Winter vacation destination
Barely beat
Silverback gorilla, e.g.
Moreno with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony
Drag racing vehicles
"___ trap!"
In perfect order ... or, as two words, what's formed by applying the answers for the five starred clues to the circled letters
Dined at home
More skeptical
"Hamilton" actor Leslie ___ Jr.
Break down, to a Brit
Sea ___
Prefix with -plasm
Piece paid by Pisans for a piece of pizza, previously
Safe places
*Multi-episode narrative
Crucifix inscription
Relentlessly question
En ___ (as a whole)
Having tattoos
Event that's a bit off?
The butler, stereotypically
It gives Ford an "F": Abbr.
First Alaskan on a major U.S. party ticket
E-4, E-5 and E-6, in the U.S. Navy, in brief
Successors to LPs
Part of Canada above Alta. and Sask.
One of the Gandhis
Where to get a mullet trimmed
"___ get it now!"
*Civic center
Colored ring
Washington's Sea-___ Airport
Non's opposite
Ban ... or bandit
By and large
College entrance exam org.
Hosp. V.I.P.s
Author Zora ___ Hurston
Son of Aphrodite
Compete in one leg of a modern pentathlon
Loud, as the surf
Not incl.
Set the boundaries of
Smart ___
Painter of the "Four Freedoms" series, 1943
Sound from a cheering crowd
___ Chemical Company, onetime maker of VapoRub
Writer Serwer of The Atlantic
Event planner's need
They're listed by degrees
___ boom
Struck, old-style
Bygone Apple messaging app
Members of a blended family
Move, in Realtor jargon
*Airport logjam
*Rick, Ilsa and Victor had one in "Casablanca"
First lady between Eleanor and Mamie
Accented cheer
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy, for two
Restricted zone
Education support grps.
___ Paulo, Brazil
Sea route, e.g.
"Frozen" queen
Endless YouTube viewing, e.g.
French island off the coast of Newfoundland
Tropical yellow fruits
Writer Rand
New York city with a marina
Suffix with tour or Tory
___-El (Superman's birth name)
Conflict during which the Lusitania was sunk: Abbr.
Fateful date
What's left at sea
Dig in
Flat, round bread cooked on a griddle
Noted congresswoman from the Bronx, familiarly
After-bath application
Anatomical sac
Hoped-for response to an SOS
Lien holder, e.g.
Ahab's father in the Bible
Desert's lack
Hogwarts professor who was secretly a werewolf
"Awkward Black Girl" creator and star
"Who cares?"
Slapstick silliness
Gary who created "The Far Side"
Award to be hung
Start of a playground joke
U.S. govt. bond
Compass letters
Unisex fragrance
___ Street, Perry Mason's secretary
Strong ropes used to support masts
Verb preceder
Bad things on motorists' records, for short
"Dies ___" (hymn)
Curb, with "in"
The Jazz, on scoreboards


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