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Updated on December 06, 2019 at 03:15 AM

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The last update of December 06, 2019 has 68 clues, all of which are answered below.

December 06, 2019 Answers

Samsung-versus-Apple and others
Regular at a fitness center
Gather dust
Containing neither meat nor dairy
Dietary claim on some potato chip bags
"Here's one for you, smarty-pants"
Something cast in cleromancy
Not just sit there
Breaks, in a way
Rugged class
Source of illegal ivory, informally
Puts to bed, with "in"
One with a habit
Cash ___ (restaurant caveat)
New World songbird
Feminine suffix in Spanish names
Power cord?
Cut (down)
Take the more difficult path, metaphorically
Something made for one's idols?
Abbr. for an open slot
Dressing room attendant
"Don't mention it"
Some kaffiyeh wearers
Went past
Company with a purple-and-green asterisk in its logo
National tree of India
Clean, as a lab coat?
Horrify, in Hampshire
Pipe cleaner brand
It flows from the Cottian Alps to the Adriatic
Lead-in to -scope
Lillian of silent films
Firm affirmation
Prayer book
Nutritional fig.
___ set
Celebration in Ho Chi Minh City
Low-carb sandwich
Series of visits to colleges, maybe
Actor whose roles have included both a fictional and a real-life U.S. president
Person in a rush
Exercise done on a bench
Bishops' gathering
One who bugs another person?
Ring result, for short
Halved, perhaps
Interweave, as hair
Kind of pass
Super Bowl LIII loser
Island near Krakatoa
Answer to the riddle "I form in an instant and last a lifetime. What am I?"
Rubbed out
Ebbing and flowing, say
Queen's "We Will Rock You" vis-à-vis "We Are the Champions"
Totally lost
Sadiq ___, London mayor beginning in 2016
___ Hill (San Francisco neighborhood)
Eggs Florentine, once?
Son of, in Hebrew names


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