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Updated on May 28, 2023 at 12:15 AM

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May 28, 2023 Answers

___ Kola (Peruvian beverage partly owned by Coca-Cola)
Brittney who blocked more shots individually in 2012 than any entire N.C.A.A. women's team
Tap alternative
From the top
Yoga mat, at times
Home to the Cedar Point amusement park, a mecca for roller-coaster enthusiasts
Enjoy a La-Z-Boy recliner?
Head exec?
"That was ... really bad"
What a pump might squeeze
Burns a little
Affectedly shy
Captain Hook's #2
"How I Met Your Mother" narrator Bob
Yard sale condition
Navy and others
Scratching post scratcher
Tantalizingly detailed
Six-foot runner?
"My luggage has gone missing!"?
Germs from day care, e.g.?
Metallic fabric
Develop further, with "out"
Prince William, to Charles and Diana
They're found beneath sink holes
Jousts with
Refrain from sports?
Simple sandwich
Vegetable with striped and golden varieties
Like a jiggly tooth
Grp. regulating pesticides
Request for one-on-one time in the "Bachelor" TV franchise … or a phonetic hint to four pairs of answers in this puzzle
Website feed inits.
Committee head?
Dog breed associated with the British royal family
Nowhere to be found, for short
The Lions, on scoreboards
Mexican garments, as they're spelled in Mexico
Like some hats and sheets
Bodily function?
Things to avoid when baking desserts?
Sadness at the last Boston cream being taken, e.g.?
Annual gala host, with "the"
Went down an Olympic track
Sea eagle
It's one foot long
Had down
Amer. currency
Remains in a hearth
Big time?
Farm connector
Area for note-taking
My garden waterer that's seen better days?
Shopping destination for your underwear needs?
Tilt-a-Whirl, e.g.
The burdens we carry
Barre bend
Stashes (away)
Foil alternative
Hit the paper plane icon, say
Assemble in one large body
Book that follows Zechariah
Got too old
Gave permission
One meaning of "X"
Award won by Don Draper on "Mad Men"
Gladys Knight and Norah Jones, for two
Platoon members, for short
Networking aid
Evening, in advertising
Northwestern follower
CrossFit bits
One who's barely acting?
Board game popular in Japan
Certain trig ratios
Woo-woo films?
High register
"Who ___?"
"___ who?"
Deli assortment
Comedian who said "I once spent a year in Philadelphia. I think it was on a Sunday"
Mother rabbit
Throws, in a way
Prized metamorphic rock
Urban scavenger
Author Mario Vargas ___
Drive home?
Singer Knowles
Head doc?
More than cracked
Donor group, for short
Title for multiple Marias and Annas in history
Letter-shaped beam
Equipped, as a factory for production
Miner discoveries
Subspecies adapted to a specific environment
Timely thing to arrive on
Packed away
Newspaper debut of 9/15/82
Pulled off
It may be dropped for emphasis
Fratty type, colloquially
Event with barrel racing
Close rival, in a sense
"Show it here!"
The Cards, on scoreboards
Mr. Wednesday's true identity in Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"
Secretly, from the Latin
Given shelter
Salad green also known as "rocket"
Brooks no debate
Ripe strawberry feature
Comedian/TV host Nikki
Reply to "You dig?"
Stick (by)
Big name in baseball cards
Cartoonish baby cries
Infinitive of the French "suis" and "sommes"
Slovenly sort
Former Israeli P.M. Barak
Relative of wild cabbage
Focus of the Human Genome Project
Suffix with darned
Titular character portrayed by Jason Sudeikis


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