Crosswords With Friends December 24, 2017 Answers

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Tears to smithereens
It's read from a scroll
Large column of smoke
Opposite of dep.
Description of rustic life
It moves a cursor back
Body check?
Whiz kids
Want ad abbr.
Having streaks
W.W. II ordeal at Leningrad
Notably nonunionized workers
Mama of song
Decorates brilliantly
One of a dozen good things?
Vulcan mind ___
Beginning to do well?
Kind of skirt
"Fanfare for the Common Man" composer
Hair straighteners
Licorice-flavored brew
Singer with a #1 hit about 123-Across
Feature depicted in the upper left of this puzzle
Like van Gogh, in later life
Les ___, "WKRP in Cincinnati" news director
With 53-Down, 123-Across, in song
See 51-Down
One of many in a Swiss Army knife
Letters on some Navy carriers
Infantry members, briefly
Alternative to J.F.K.
1990s tennis great Huber
First name at Woodstock
Political org. since 1854
Shout of approval
Three ___ Men
Didn't hedge one's bets
Starting point for an annual flight
___ City (Baghdad suburb)
"In your dreams!"
Result of a sack on third and long, maybe
Bunks in barracks
"Brava!" elicitor
Punxsutawney prognosticator
Deliverer of Christmas packages
Capital whose name ends in its state's postal code
Cousin of an alpaca
Functioning robotically
Repetitive bit of computer code
Boy in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
Tombstone marshals
California's Big ___
Durham sch.
Roofing material
___ Father Christmas
Crew member
Games org.
Fiscal year part: Abbr.
Speedway brand
West Indies native
Bounds along
"Just a ___!"
Drain opening
Chip away at
Symbol of the National Audubon Society
Colorado tributary
Plot device in "The Shining" that has significance when spelled backward
Restaurant chain founded by the Raffel brothers (hence the name)
Elevator choice
Turns briefly?
Some Carnaval performances
Called from the cote
Telephotos, e.g.
Ancient Greek
Male that might be in a rut?
Relative of a birch
College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Country singer Crystal
One of the Wayans brothers
Wine: Prefix
Christmas ___
Prince, e.g.
A, in Austria
Base supporting a statue
Branded baby carriers
Symbols on 10 state flags
They might be thrown around in a rodeo
Digitally endorse
Sleigh bell sounds
"___ God" (psalm words)
Chemistry exam?
Skin art, informally
Descartes's conclusion
Yule sound?
___ guerre
Range grp.
With 80-Across, one of TV's Property Brothers
See 78-Across
Nicholas, e.g.
Give a ring? suggestion
"___ welcome!"
Cow poke?
Avoid a bogey, barely
Neighbor of a bishop: Abbr.
Souped-up cars
Mahershala ___, Oscar winner for "Moonlight"
One of the record industry's former Big Four
Carpenter's aid
"Just kidding!"
Airer of "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"
"Hey ___" (1963 #1 hit)
Mobile home: Abbr.
Actress Audrey of "Am�lie"
Animal on Scotland's coat of arms
Kind of cabinet
Written history
Who's depicted in this puzzle when the circled letters are connected from A to Z and back to A
Games of chance
Prison part
Sorts, as chicks


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