Crosswords With Friends March 23, 2018 Answers

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'Interesting ...'
'Livin' La ___ Loca'
'Oh, baloney!'
'Stay in your ___'
8-bit game console released in 1985
Agricultural commune
Alternative music subgenre
At the outset
Beauty lesson
Bollywood actress Mukerji
Cop's station in England
Corporate giant named for a mountain
Crease smoothers?
Dishonest sort
Dressed up, maybe
Edwin of 1960s-'70s R&B
End piece?
Given to picking fights
Gloomy one
Grey Goose competitor
Had, as food
How a package may arrive
Ice cream holder
Is mortified, so to speak
Islamic spirit
Island nation with a cross on its flag
Jackie of 'Rush Hour'
Lady in Arthurian legend
Letters associated with WNYC and KQED
Like some tanks and promises
Make some definite plans
Mötley ___
One and only
One for whom a flash in the pan is a good thing
One of the Gandhis
One with a big mouth in Africa?
Part of Act 4 of 'Antony and Cleopatra' in which Antony attempts suicide
Part of the English translation of 'Notre Dame'
Rhyming prefix with novela
Rolls up
Ronald Reagan ___ Medical Center
Scottish John
Search engine result
Series installments, for short
Shade of black
Something a shepherd may have on
Spares, maybe
States of confusion
Superlative for a cake
Sweet farewell
Things rested on, metaphorically
Title woman of a classic 1928 André Breton novel
Titular professor in a Nabokov novel
Transgender rights activist and best-selling author of 'Redefining Realness'
Trap until it gets warmer, say
Trying time
Twisting effect
Unit of energy: Abbr
Wait on
Warmly welcome
Web developer?
Where bills pile up
Where to get down from?
___ bike


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