Crosswords With Friends May 11, 2018 Answers

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'1' preceder: Abbr
'How marvelous!'
'Oh, you got me!'
'This one or that one?'
'You don't have to tell me that'
1950s heavyweight Johansson
45-Across divisions
Actress Thurman
Adds horsepower to
Bishop, for one
Blow up
Blue in the face?
Breakfast brand
Chewy, fruity candy
Currency unit equal to 100 53-Down
Dashboard Confessional's genre
Digs in the snow
Dog woe
Figure in a Nativity scene
Got home safely, in a way
Groundbreaking 1990s sitcom
Hearts, e.g
Horseshoe lookalikes
Hunk of meat
It's found between the shoulders
Jolly 'Roger'?
Kid's IHOP order, perhaps
Left without leaving anything
Like roosters
Like some fancy parties
Look over again
Mariana Islands neighbor, for short
Microsoft Word creation, briefly
Midwest city that was home to the Wright brothers
Move crabwise
Much of a cattail
One who might meet with a venture capitalist, for short
Oxygen consumers
Peevishly ill-natured
Pop stars?
Proceeding as planned
Product whose original slogan was 'It floats'
Quick turnaround?
Rideshare app datum
Right away
Some are audiovisual
Sound from a sock
Sparta's foe in '300'
Subject of the 2003 memoir 'Jarhead'
Take in
They're usually held on school nights
Things that help you go off the beaten path?
Timely question?
To the point
Tough love rarity
Try to catch someone, metaphorically
Vessel that rhymes with a nautical direction
What's far-sighted?
Where Shaquille O'Neal played college ball
Zippo output
___ gris
___ Khan, antagonist in 'The Jungle Book'


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