Crosswords With Friends July 07, 2018 Answers

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'Absolutely unacceptable!'
'Children of the Albatross' author
'I wanna hear everything'
'___ chance!'
1994 Jim Carrey comedy
2007 #1 Alicia Keys album
Alley-oop starter
Any member of Saul's tribe, in the Bible
Art ___
Be a homebody
Bud inducted into Cooperstown in 2017
Calculus calculation
Cartoonist Kelly
Chemical compounds in so-called hospital smell
Close friend of Hamilton, in 'Hamilton'
Complete coverage?
Doesn't snap
Early people who used a base-20 numerical system
Fighter of Ferocious Flea in 1960s cartoons
Fun bit of trivia
Goya subject
Hamilton and 3-Down, in 'Hamilton'
How dishes are usually sold
Individual's unique use of language
Internet in-jokes that have gone viral, in modern lingo
Invites out for
Loss of a sound at the start of a word, as 'opossum' to 'possum'
Loud, as a radio
Man of the cloth
Martial arts holds that are hard to escape
Mary Jane
Mexican bread
Moves at a crawl?
Multi-time W.N.B.A. All-Star ___ Delle Donne
Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Raisman
One waiting for the captain?
Packing ___
Performs some light surgery?
Pioneer in steam engines
Play out, as events
Playbill bit
Police line?
President Bartlet on 'The West Wing'
Rapper ___ Rhymes
Repeatedly hit
Some petroleum
Sorrowful cries
Spot in the third balcony, say
Tennyson's 'You Ask Me, Why, ___ Ill at Ease'
They may have stained-glass windows
Travel from site to site?
Trespassing and defamation
Vietnamese soup
What closes on Sundays?
What stars do
Zayn formerly of One Direction
___ Tech (former for-profit school)
___-Bakr, longtime adviser to Muhammad


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