Crosswords With Friends November 08, 2018 Answers

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'As a result ...'
'Sounds good,' in informal pronunciation
'Yabba ___ doo!'
'You've got to be kidding me!'
2014 boxing documentary
A school yr. often begins on one
A shore thing to happen
Actor Troyer of the 'Austin Powers' movies
Air Medal recipients
Arm for taking needles, for short?
Around 70°F, informally
Baja blast
Beginner, in video game lingo
Benghazi's land
Bit of crab house attire
Boil down
Bottle cap type
Crystal ___
Egyptian 'king of the gods'
Ending with polypropyl-
Famously expensive commercial
Fatty compound
Feature of a forehead or fingerprint
Follow, as a moral code
Format that preceded Blu-ray
Grp. that's well-financed?
Hang tight
Home of Spaceship Earth
Horace Greeley's advice, as followed by 17-, 25-, 50- and 60-Across?
Ira who wrote 'The Stepford Wives'
It doesn't get any better than this
Item in a claw machine
Japanese mushroom
Kendrick Lamar's genre
Lacking joie de vivre
Like medieval knights
Live in a studio
Many a hit by Def Leppard
Marsh plant
Meal served in an edible bowl
Military term of address
Montenegro joined it in 2017
Mushy mass
N.F.C. North team, to fans
N.F.L. quarterback Drew
Negative operation in computing logic
Notable feature of North Dakota and Texas
Nothing but
One-night stands, say
Part of the unconscious
Person at a desk
Played the tough guy
Put at sea
Response to oversharing
See 62-Down
Site of zero-gravity experiments
Sound of a leak
South American forest dweller
Spanish : ella :: English : ___
Stored away
Tag line?
Take ___ at (insult)
Texter's 'No 63-Down!'
Took one's turn
Working harmoniously (with)
___ nova


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