Crosswords With Friends March 14, 2019 Answers

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Kept for a rainy day
Place where people are going with their drinks?
Norman Bates or his mother, in "Psycho"
Advice for relaxing
Top-level list
Judge appropriate
One of the choices on a computer's 17-Across
Brown or blacken
Welcome at the front door
Get dressed (up)
Portable workstation
___ it out (fights)
Chinua who wrote "Things Fall Apart"
Order in the court
Concert piece
"Here's something for you to think about, you ingrate!"
One who spreads discord
Shade provider in Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"
Request during a physical checkup
Beginning of many workdays
[I don't care]
Onetime division of the Chrysler Corporation
Sweatshirt part
Finding on
"Are you ___?"
Manage to detach by hitting
Have a quick look-see, say
Language of the pre-Roman Empire
Some IHOP choices
Western villain ... or a hint to four answers in this puzzle
Spiritual guide
"___! 'tis true I have gone here and there" (start of a Shakespeare sonnet)
"That so?"
Place where plots are hatched
The radius runs along it
Politico who called the press "nattering nabobs of negativism"
Incredulous question
Worst in a competition
Animal that shares its name with a king of Thrace in the "Iliad"
Sights along the Champs-Élysées
Aid for a fugitive
Take another shot at
Burgoo, e.g.
Kind of purse that sags
In public
"What are you waiting for?!"
"Close call!"
A geisha might be found in one
Shivering fit
Place for a king and queen
Overdo the flattery
Prefix with particle
Takedown piece
Numbers game
Where many cabins are found
Comfortable and welcoming
"Got it"
Will, more emphatically
Clothing department
Unpleasant find in a sweater
Suggested qty.
Inc. alternative
Symbol of strength


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