Crosswords With Friends May 15, 2019 Answers

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Trial separation?
National Do Not Call Registry org.
___ Majesty
Form of yoga
Freed, but not for free
Elvis Presley hit inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame
Angst-ridden music genre
Platform for 5-Down
Art Deco icon
Forum greeting
All chief justices of the United States, so far
Sub system
Vacation spot for city slickers
Canadian stadium renamed Rogers Centre in 2005
Humana competitor
___ Joaquin Valley
Gangster group in "Eastern Promises"
Booker, for one: Abbr.
Have obligations
2003 film starring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron
Unwraps impatiently
First-aid antiseptic
Building up
More malevolent
Vicious of punk rock
Avoided elimination in musical chairs
Bone/muscle connectors
Like a professor emerita: Abbr.
Slice of history
Blues singer James
Voice-activated assistant
Rehnquist's successor on the bench
Mrs., in Münster
Violin holder
"Just play along, please"
Put up, as a building
L'Oréal hair care brand
"Mrs. Doubtfire" plot device - or what the letters in this clue's answer do five times?
Went very fast
Something a gardener might lean on
Sounds of puzzlement
Who said "A revolution is not a dinner party"
___ Luck
Small battery
Final Four inits.
At that point
Palme ___ (film award)
Cousin of a cassowary
Dish often served with wasabi
Skateboarder's accessory
Big name in cell service
"Right away!"
Half a sawbuck
Hindu aphorisms
Beachside view
Certain navels
Ph.D. hurdle: Abbr.
Where Samoa Airways is based
It begins on Ash Wednesday
Rocker Jon Bon ___
One-eyed Norse god
Triage centers, for short


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