Crosswords With Friends December 02, 2019 Answers

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Process of childbirth
Mountains seen in "The Sound of Music"
Adjusts lengthwise, as a skirt
Manage to dodge
"I'll ___" ("Try me")
Hurt in the bullring
Scrabble or Monopoly
Be obligated to
Set on fire
Curly and Shemp's fellow Stooge
Syncopated Latin dances
Rational selves, to Freud
Place to set a baby or a napkin
Nigerian princes offering you money, probably
Craving companionship
Assn. like Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders
Degs. for entrepreneurs
___ milk (source of Roquefort cheese)
High cry at doggie day care
High point
High point
Fearsome figure of folklore
Flat tire's need
Prepare to take, as a test
Helps with a heist
Piper's son who stole a pig in a nursery rhyme
Tennis great Roddick
Morse code O's have three of them
Grp. of medical providers
Othello, e.g.
Cotton gin inventor Whitney
Learns about through books
Flowed out, as the tide
All tidied up
Painful to the touch
Many an Eastern European
Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, to Madonna
Puts into categories
Kids' construction bricks
Statement of affirmation
Smallest possible amount
Beethoven's "___ to Joy"
W.W. I fighter pilot who is Snoopy's fantasy opponent
Shortened word, for short
Classic actor who played Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life"
School grp. for moms and dads
Church talks
Distinctive stretch of time
Film studio with a roaring lion
"Get it?"
Spoonful of medicine, e.g.
Letters on some American naval vessels
Ready to take home, as groceries
Flip out
Reduce one's standards, as illustrated, respectively, in 3-, 5-, 7-, 40- and 28-Down
City that's home to Iowa State
Boll weevil, to a cotton farmer
World ___ of Poker
Observe Ramadan
Prefix with plasm
Businesses like the Kit Kat Klub in a hit musical
Candied Thanksgiving servings
Opt for
French fries and coleslaw, often
Modern viewing for couch potatoes
Change for a five, say
Many I.C.U. workers
Long-bodied fish
High bond rating
Disease that causes a skin rash
Male buddy


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