Crosswords With Friends February 14, 2020 Answers

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band led by Iggy Pop
Intermediate gait
Do thumb traveling?
Someone who's well-off
"Well, then ..."
See 20-Across
19-Across pitcher
"No you ___!"
Successor language to Common Brittonic
0 on the Beaufort scale
Billionaire philanthropist ___ Broad
Some road trip entertainment
Basement feature
Former Supreme Court justice William
(x, y), in math
Low, low price, in an expression
Losing money
Message in smoke signals, maybe
"___ So Fine," 1963 #1 hit for the Chiffons
Deal with it
___ Douglas-Home, 1960s British P.M.
Corellia, to Han Solo
Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Selene
"Flash Gordon" genre
Trousers part
Driving distractions
No, not that!
Very small amount
___ Candy, friend of Wonder Woman
Thought experiment in quantum physics
Fourth letter in Arabic
Kind of grass
Apex predator of the sea
Composer Puccini
Automotive sponsor of "Wagon Train" in the 1950s
"You're doomed!"
Get tangled up
Things with timers
Constitutional amendment regarding states' rights
Rebus symbol for "everything"
Much-admired person
1987 #1 hit with Spanish lyrics
Kim Jong-un and others
Uses a tissue, maybe
Capital of Latvia
Mideast's Gulf of ___
Actress Anderson of old TV
Grammy-winning metal band with a tasty-sounding name
Georgia was once a part of it
Social media phenomenon
V.A. concern
Second coming?
Premium channel since 1980
Nellie who circumnavigated the world
Precious collection of Queen Victoria
Author Ferrante of the "Neapolitan Novels"
"Fingers crossed!"
§, in a legal footnote: Abbr.
Remarkable person
Presidential monogram
Word with sweet or snow
Not just a "heh"


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