Crosswords With Friends September 16, 2020 Answers

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With 5-Across, warm-up circuits for race car drivers
See 1-Across
Shoppers' stops
Youngest M.L.B. player to hit 500 homers
Sports sword
Negative fast-food review?
Scooter ___, former White House adviser convicted in the Plame affair
Where shots might be served (or fired) in a western
One of 14 in "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
Madison Avenue award
Arles affirmative
Droopy feature of a cocker spaniel
Negative fast-food review?
Home of Mount Carmel: Abbr.
"Despicable Me" supervillain
Julie ___, voicer of Marge Simpson
Ending with cyto- or proto-
Make a boo-boo
Emotionally demanding
Do after dark
Nickname for Maurice
Inc., in France
Negative fast-food review?
Charge (through)
Early hrs.
"Get outta here!"
Cirque du Soleil stars, e.g.
Archipelago that's a part of Portugal
Certain fast-food offering ... or what 17-, 27- and 47-Across certainly don't add up to?
Musical direction for silence
"Anyone ___?"
Keen on
Spot for a sprain
Inbox label counterpart of "New"
Number written in parentheses on an income statement
Print sources, maybe
Surveyor's calculation
Rock around the Christmas tree?
N.Y.C. mayor of the 1970s-'80s
Like Pisa's tower
"The Simpsons" storekeeper
Chest muscles, informally
Polo grounds?
Drum used in Indian music
More Machiavellian
Divas' deliveries
Browse online without commenting, informally
Folklore fiend
Cheese ___ (snack)
City called a "kommune" by its inhabitants
Complete disaster
Myanmar, formerly
The "E" of N.Y.E.
Falco with four Emmys
Choices at bakeries and liquor stores
Theater sign letters
Storage unit
Doesn't keep
Singer Franklin, Aretha's older sister
Got out
Purim heroine
Kind of number in chemistry
Country from which the name "Buttigieg" comes
Vast expanse
1988 Cy Young winner Hershiser
Attention-getting store sign
Western home of the National Automobile Museum
Opening for a time ... or a dime
Free ad, for short


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