Crosswords With Friends January 13, 2021 Answers

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Mary Lincoln's maiden name
Some drought-resistant plants
James of jazz
Leader in a kaffiyeh
Two- or four-seater, maybe?
Like tomes, typically
Address by a Sacramento N.B.A. player?
Padre's hermana
Expansive septet
Make bubbly
Hibernation stations
Concern of the Citizens United decision, for short
Sharp-shooting Curry
Mass ___
Around 16 mg of niacin, e.g.
Game notes for a New Orleans N.B.A. player?
Officiate, informally
;) ;) ;)
"I give!"
Surgery sites, for short
Things that sometimes clash in orchestras?
Amounts at risk
Top ___
Variety show segment
Charlotte N.B.A. player in charge of recycling?
"Oof, that was bad"
Gutter attachment
Write an ode about, perhaps
Wetlands denizen
TV show that launched more than 200 songs onto the Billboard Hot 100
Work of cartography
Tree house?
Not be serious
Home of the Anasazi State Park Museum
Ocular woe
Add (on)
Rolex rival
Impersonating, in a way
Totally adorable
Silicon Valley specialty, familiarly
Get to
Make an effort to get swole
___ Blaster (classic arcade game)
Thin air
Some barriers to entry in the shipping business?
Candy Crush or Angry Birds
Places for aces
Pierce slightly
Best-selling musical artist whose album titles represent ages
Sights along Paris's Champs-Élysées
Studied secondarily
Hybrid feline
Messenger molecule
Coarse-grained rock that splits easily
Car company founded in 2003
Writer Nin
Bit of typing by someone who's all thumbs?
Flavorers in Italian cookery
Dungeons & Dragons and others, for short
4,100 mile river that drains 11 countries
One-on-one Olympic event
Overflow (with)
"Up" vote


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