Crosswords With Friends February 23, 2021 Answers

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Long, loose dress
"___ NewsHour"
Lady ___, anthem singer at Biden's inauguration
Like the first "d" in "Wednesday"
Ad ___
Leader of an oil-rich land, maybe
*Seat for the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros
T, in a sorority
Poem of tribute
"Movin' ___" ("The Jeffersons" theme)
*Devotee of Jerry Garcia's band
Pants measurement
Makes plenty angry
Map abbr. until 1991
*"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" singer/composer
Home of the N.B.A.'s Thunder, for short
Delays no more
Canadian city whose name consists of two consecutive boys' names
"Hot" place for a cat in theater
*Decisive defeat
Word after wild or rolled
Key near Caps Lock
One using crude language ... or one saying the last parts of the answers to the starred clues?
Life is a long one
Lanai strings
"The ___ Show" (best-selling album of 2002)
County name in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania
To be, in Spanish
Like some truck trailers
What a tot might indicate by holding up fingers
Dr. Seuss' ___-I-am
Stir up
CBS forensic series
Space shuttle supply
Be in charge of, as a bar
Kick in seed money
Last in a mathematical series
Subject that teaches the varying "ch" sounds of "cheap," "chaos" and "charade"
King's rod
Speckled horse
Speech fillers
Little bit, as of cream
Before, in poetry
Day for an egg hunt
Lover of Cleopatra
Tex-Mex dish served in a soft tortilla
"Just leave the job to me"
Last part
Exam for a future D.A.
Does voice work for a documentary, say
Creature that might squirt ink and use tools
Activity done while reading a screen
Apt anagram of RATTLE C
Late-night rival of Kimmel and Fallon
Hub NW of LAX
Court divider
Concern for a medic
Actress Watson of the "Harry Potter" films
Shirt named for its shape
"I dunno ..."
___ Grande
Kitten's sound


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