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Updated on November 30, 2023 at 06:40 AM

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The last update of November 30, 2023 has 76 clues, all of which are answered below.

November 30, 2023 Answers

The class of '26 in '24, say
Its approval is often sought, in brief
Sit on the throne
Evidence that one is going into labor?
Unlikely patron of a vegan restaurant
High-level advisers
Make do
Unfold, as a series of events
Sudden contraction
___ Gorbachev, former Soviet first lady
Toddler on "Family Guy"
Clearing, as device storage
Fish in a dragon roll
Tanner's applications
Org. in the Oscar-winning documentary "Citizenfour"
Armada ship
Unscripted comedy
French region known for its rieslings
1978 Nobel Peace Prize recipient
Deserved comeuppance
Enterprise Holdings holding
Science fiction concept depicted three times in this puzzle
Big name in digital documents
War of words, in a sense
Opportunity on Mars, e.g.
Is yet to come
Zippers on a snowy day
Bartender's serving, perhaps
Orchestra section
Word of distinction on a diploma
7'1" four-time N.B.A. champion
Cylinders like the 20,000 housed in London's Musical Museum
Not chilly, like chili
Forte and Strong once worked on it, for short
Bean in Egyptian cuisine
Bottom-of-the-barrel material
One who sells space or time, informally
Find another person to play
Chemical kick-starters
Aoki of golf
Wise guy
What Tupperware containers do, helpfully
Admit (to)
Sixth notes?
Scot's refusal
___ Scouts
___ Paulo
Opera piece
One getting into a cab, perhaps
"Not ___ many words"
Jennifer who wrote "A Visit From the Goon Squad"
Gaming company with the Yakuza franchise
___ Seok-jin of K-pop's BTS
Soaks (up)
Org. sued by the State of New York in 2020
Club mixer
Salt flat, once
___-de-Marne (French department)
Indulges, with "to"
Actress Sokoloff of "The Practice"
Be of use
Disney title role for Liu Yifei
Takes in the paper?
More than a favorite
"Don't just sit there!"
Bit of sporting gear with a bell guard
Scale abbr.
"I'm in heaven!" sound
E'en if


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