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Updated on January 17, 2021 at 12:00 AM

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January 17, 2021 Answers

Getting warm, so to speak
It was established by a 1926 royal charter
Ulan ___, Mongolia
Be against
Send, as payment
#1 of 50, alphabetically: Abbr.
Former basketball star Gilbert ... or the places he played
Garb in a duck blind, informally
Way into a garage, typically
California wine region
Road trip guessing game
Freak (out)
Tennis star who won at least one Grand Slam title for a record 13 straight years
Initialism that can include an "h" for "humble"
Old-timey "OMG!"
GPS guess
Variables in (pi)r^2 and 2(pi)r
Nickelodeon competitor
Bagless vacuum maker
Savvy couple?
___ the Kid, nickname for N.H.L. star Crosby
Party game similar to Catch Phrase
Grows increasingly more irksome
Starbucks sizes smaller than grandes
Dove bar, e.g.
Given as a bequest
Suffix with mega- or multi-
Ones making strong impressions?
"Je t'___" (words from a beau)
Prince Andrew's younger daughter
On the main
Prominent women's rights lawyer
Member of an Iraqi minority
Obscure knowledge
Violent, maybe
Certain laundry detergent capsule
Causing constriction of the pupils
Nailed the test
007's alma mater
Visual phenomenon created by short flashes of light
Linguist Chomsky
Dense fog, metaphorically
When repeated, a Hawaiian fish
Major utility pipeline
It has its pros and cons
Part of P.R.
Far from wild
Pesto ingredient
For one purpose only
Org. that takes many forms
Quark-antiquark combo
Some entertainers at children's birthday parties
Europe's longest river
O icon
Western Hemisphere grp.
Legendary firefighter Red
Curler's surface
Kind of palm cultivated for its fruit
Prove wrong
Awards show that airs at night, ironically
Part of une éclipse
Submits an online return
Brown. ender
What's more, it's said
Down stream?
Easy target
Buddy of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Sang one's own praises
Humor regarding a serious matter
"w"-like letters
Anthony Hopkins, for one
Wi-Fi alternative
Complained about getting fleeced?
Subject of a Sleeves Up campaign
French luxury jeweler
Lead-in to therapy
Jazz instrument pitched in the key of B flat
Peace activist Yoko
Classic dorm room meal
Fading process for jeans
Deep-toned cousin of an English horn
One whose calling is making calls?
American Kennel Club designation
Stuffing herb
Green on the screen
QB's passing stat: Abbr.
Up to
Din from a den
Keystone ___
Put forward
TV channel that owns the website The Undefeated
Beer in a green bottle
Part of a college visit, typically
Prepare to swing, say
Unseal furtively, as an envelope
Floral fragrance note
Behave theatrically
Restored to mint condition
Lesser Antilles native
City that's home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites
"Go ___!" (coach's encouragement)
Computer menu with Undo and Redo
Expand upon
Tony winner Menzel
Antarctica's ___ Ice Shelf
Nestlé creamer
Bothered persistently
Not for mass audiences
When the Battle of Yorktown occurs in "Hamilton"
Took steroids, say
Like loud phone conversations in public
Designed to deter stealing
T-Bonz dog treat brand
Word before bag or bar
Musical with the opening number "Every Story Is a Love Story"
Sallie Mae products
Marshmallow-filled snacks
University of Montana city
Shapiro of NPR
Emulates the Mongols
Old genre for 12-Down
Z4 or Q50
Pool competitions
Immature egg cell
Star of the "Taken" trilogy
Like snow leopards and Siberian tigers
What tots might go after?
Easy two points
Tool for pool
Old-timey cry of disgust
Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones film series, for short


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