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Updated on December 01, 2022 at 03:15 AM

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The last update of December 01, 2022 has 72 clues, all of which are answered below.

December 01, 2022 Answers

First half of this puzzle's theme ...
GQ or S.I.
Sky: Fr.
Betray … or ignite
Destination of mail sent to ZIP codes 09002, 09003, 09004, etc., in brief
Generous words at a bar
Myers-____ Type Indicator (personality assessment)
Characters rarely depicted in "Peanuts" cartoons
"Afraid that ain't happening"
Source of iridescence in many mollusks
Same old, same old
Altered states
First word spoken on the moon, 1969
Female lobsters
Toi et moi
Riches of El Dorado
A as in Argentina
McKenzie of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords
Slope up or down
Self-driving car's array
Bird or kitty, at times
Inverness negative
Residents of the Sagebrush State
Really put oneself out there
Elite groups
The wheel was a good one
___ Maria (coffee liqueur)
Ora segment
Behave like a certain surface-feeding shark
Whitney who patented the cotton gin
… and the end of the theme (finally!)
When some vaccines are first given
Cultivate, physically or spiritually
Isolde's love
Teri Garr's "Young Frankenstein" role
About half of a sidecar
Step on it!
Myopic "Mr." of old cartoons
Financing initialism
Hit the road with roadies, perhaps
Mollusks with iridescence not created by 22-Across
Desensitize against through experience
___ penguin
Article in Paris Match
1960s dance
Ball club V.I.P.s, in brief
Co-producer of Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy"
Canberra's state: Abbr.
Modern digital asset, in brief
Experiment with
Half of sei
Fleet inits.
One of many genres for Yoko Ono
Giant star in Scorpius
Chinese American fashion designer with a Dolly Girl line
Had every intention of doing it
Sound a little rusty, maybe
Joe-___ weed
Make over
Latin list ender
China's Zhou ___
Accessory for running or dribbling
Start of many a rap name


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