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Updated on January 16, 2022 at 12:00 AM

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January 16, 2022 Answers

Symbol of authority, informally
Delhi issue
Reaction to puppy pics
Water buffalo, for one
French ___ (trick-taking game)
Land of blarney
Pass during the N.F.L. playoffs
THE LADY VANI_ _ _ _ (#2, 1964)
Who infamously boasted "They can't collect legal taxes from illegal money"
Suffix in some pasta names
BILLE (#3, 1972)
He gave Starbuck's orders
NATO members, e.g.
Adorable sort
x^0 (#1, 1985)
Barnyard baby
Keep one's mouth shut?
Porky Pig's girlfriend
It cost 5¢ in 1965
Home of Iowa State
Help with a crime
Google web browser
Laser pointer chaser
Like the Balkans in the 1990s
Certain peaceful protest
Country singer McEntire
Become more complicated, say
Getting together
LOST, E.G. (#1, 1984)
Glacier-scaling tool
Yard tool
Private student
Figure it out
___ Lilly (pharmaceutical giant)
Actress Garr
Beach shaper
Only player to win the U.S. Chess Championship with no losses or draws
Harbor helper
___ story (tale of a car company's bankruptcy?)
Islamic spirit
Brand of insecticide strips
TITTLE-TATTLE (#16, 2011)
Opposite of post-
Airline posting
Furnace for calcium oxide production
ENTICEMENT (#1, 1983)
Big club in Las Vegas?
The final word
Give a lift
"___ Como Va" (Santana hit)
Female Olympian of note
Palindromic battlers
Place of worship whose third, fourth and fifth letters are appropriate
One of eight in a stick of butter: Abbr.
Jolly laugh
Dec. 24 and 31, e.g.
Minor accident
Mary ___ Evans a.k.a. George Eliot
Opposite of paleo-
Memo abbr.
When doubled, Hawaiian food fish
Terk in Disney's "Tarzan," e.g.
Opera with the aria "Ave Maria"
Naval engineer
Air traveler's accumulation
Quint's boat in "Jaws"
Enclosure for a bike chain and sprockets
Arthur who invented the crossword puzzle (1913)
Overgrown, say
Kind of terrier
Young chicken, e.g.
Actress Tyler
Move barefoot across a scorchingly hot beach, maybe
Shock's partner
Throw ___ (rant and rave)
No longer frozen
Crop up
Out of gas, informally
Internet ending that's also an ending for inter-
Part of the brainstem
Greek letter that might follow "z"
Affix, in a way
Ketchup brand
"One ___-dingy" (Ernestine the operator's catchphrase on "Laugh-In")
Arch type
Landlord's due
Petrol unit
Surgically remove
Mi, in a C major scale
Number twos
Pelvic bones
Air carrier
Island where Paul Gauguin painted
Book that's the source of the phrase "a land flowing with milk and honey"
Go back (on)
Instruction in an oatmeal recipe
Slugger from Louisville
Florida city whose name has three pairs of doubled letters
Upscale watch brand
Annual eight-day celebration
Basketball stat: Abbr.
Poetic dusk
Color of traffic on a GPS
Craft carried over a portage
Rhythmic part of a heartbeat
Same: Prefix
Sense of self
Protagonist in "The Stepford Wives"
FedEx competitor
Clears for takeoff?
Old Glory
1964 Tony Randall title role
Like oranges and some gossip
Duck or Penguin
Davidson of "S.N.L."
Richard and Jane in court
Commercial prefix with postale
Out of office?: Abbr.
One-named Irish hitmaker
Madrid's country, in the Olympics
Song lead-in to "Believer," "Loser" or "Survivor"


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