Crosswords With Friends December 08, 2017 Answers

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15, 30 and 50 are common ones, in brief
Reward for an accelerated course, in brief
Line on a 1040
___ knight
San Jose-to-San Antonio dir.
Figure that can describe a lot
Refrain syllables
What may be on the horizon?
Alexander ___, pioneer and early head of New York's subway system
Mile-high player
Sign of availability
"You're about to be photographed!"
"That ship has sailed"
Aspect of hydrodynamics
Drs.' order?
C-Span focus: Abbr.
Language banned under Franco's dictatorship
Cameron of Hollywood
Telephone, informally
Social media post that refers to another user without directly mentioning that person
Ranch moniker
"What say, Jos�?"
Friendly French term of address
Nelson ___, author of "The Man With the Golden Arm"
Kind of fever
Parts of a Frankenstein costume
W.W.E. star John
See 52-Down
Store with a three-syllable name in four letters
Literally, "rule"
With 47-Down, some frequently misplaced items
"Get outta here!"
Casual cutoffs
Law force, slangily
Breakout entertainment?
Truth we hold to be self-evident?
Latest thing
Some low clouds
Tupper of Tupperware fame
Orange-soda-loving character of 1990s Nickelodeon
Big '70s-'80s band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
Start to go out
Point in a kitchen
Queen hit with the lyric "So don't become some background noise"
Baker in a studio
Comment from the smitten
Kim ___-jung, recipient of the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize
Subterranean hideout in comics
Tries to nip
Sportsman whose #4 was retired
Powerful sedative
"We Need a Little Christmas" musical
Frustrating thing to open
___ slaw
Female singer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
Withdrawal fig.
Director Lee
News ___ (media giant)
"I was right!"
Rodeo event
Indie singer ___ Case
"That is ..."
Many a Generation Z member, now
Throwable weapons used by assassins
Time at a hotel


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