Crosswords With Friends September 26, 2018 Answers

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'Ghost' psychic Oda ___ Brown
'Million Years ___' (Adele song)
'Spider-Man' director, 2002
'Sure, that works'
'This round's ___'
'___ House,' 1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young hit
Any one of the 12 steps?
Area below 'To:' in an email?
Battery size
Bewhiskered mammals
Blue ___ (Duke mascot)
Bruce Wayne's butler
Chest bones
Common bacterium
Dashboard part
Deg. for a museum worker
Dwell (on)
Feminist writer Audre
Freight train part
Gang pistol, in old slang
Giant furniture stores
Go bad
Grant with the 1991 #1 hit 'Baby Baby'
Green-minded org
Group in the original 'Ocean's 11' movie
Group of buildings housing a King?
Had for dinner
Harrowing experience
Have hot cocoa on a winter day, say
Hoppy mediums?
Horse with evenly mixed black-and-white hairs
Island group in the Aegean Sea
Jewelry designer Peretti
Land in a Beatles song
Libretto, for example
Lover of Cummings's poetry?
Money to belong
Musical run with four sharps
Nasty comments
Obsolescent TV attachment
Ones on set with 2009's 'Star Trek' director?
Owns (up to)
Pan creator
Part played by women and girls?
Place to bounce a baby
Places for parishioners
Quahog or geoduck
Sasha ___, Beyoncé's alter ego
See 62-Down
Smart fellow?
Speedster's undoing
Spike who directed 'BlacKkKlansman'
Study, informally
Subject of a New York Times column until 2015
Take a breath
Tic-tac-toe loser
Tide alternative
U.S. president with a Nobel Peace Prize
Use a lot?
What Lot's wife became
What's found in the French rivière?
Where clothes often rip
With 63-Down, distant
___ College, liberal arts school in St. Petersburg, Fla


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