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Facial hair generally banned in the military
Joint between the ankle and hip
Distinctive bunny features
Impressive display
Brother of Cain
Rock band with the 2001 #1 hit "How You Remind Me"
Spanish artist Francisco ___
Not at home
Edgar ___ Poe
Classic Christmas song with the lyric "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, / Dressed in holiday style"
Sportscaster Bob
First U.S. multimillionaire John Jacob ___
Golf pegs
Dove sounds
Million-selling albums
All's opposite
Loads and loads
Largest island in the Philippines
Some C.E.O.s' degs.
Old New York song publishing locale
"The game is ___" (Sherlock Holmes declaration)
State east of Miss.
"Return of the ___" (Episode VI of "Star Wars")
Grain-grinding facility
Genre for Slayer and Iron Maiden ... or a hint to 17-, 23-, 38- and 47-Across
Elegant ballet bend
One of 10 or fewer, maybe, in a checkout lane
Hearty draughts
"Gone With the Wind" plantation
Find a new purpose for
See 2-Down
With 1-Down, player of the Hulk in 2003's "Hulk"
One of two in the McDonald's logo
Leaf-gathering tool
Easter egg coloring
Afghanistan's capital
Pro hoops network
Common Market letters
Antlered animal
Earner of at least 21 merit badges
Island with a lagoon
Prince or princess
Wing-to-wing measures
___ Lane, lover of Superman
Lawyer's org.
Dress in Delhi
Roger of "At the Movies"
What bread dough and the morning sun do
Quaker's ___ Crunch cereal
Norway's capital
Ollie's partner in old comedy
Carvings of Pacific Northwest tribes
Oklahoma's second-largest city
Comedian Philips
Rice-shaped pasta
Ammonia has a strong one
Identifiers on tax returns: Abbr.
Indian flatbread
Be too sweet, possibly
One of Dracula's forms
Not just a snack
Home of the Rays and Buccaneers
Peabody Award-winning journalist Gwen
"That's the truth!"
"See ya!"
Peruvian pack animal
Big month for weddings
Biblical son of Isaac
Drink brand with a polar bear in its logo
Sch. about a mile from Harvard
When to expect someone, for short
Bygone Russian space station


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