Crosswords With Friends February 08, 2020 Answers

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Modest qualifier, online
Where it's at
Easy kill in Fortnite, say
___ days
Problems with pay or paper
Information in a shopping guide
End of some business names
Media pro
Rides into battle
Bratty kid
U.N. agcy. headquartered in Geneva
Many a staffer for a late-night show
Musical alter ego of Donald Glover
Relatives of water skis
Go soft, in a way
Rocker Joan
Lights or darks, e.g.
One way to take stock?
Gardeners' tools
Beer with an astronomical name
What Brits call a "saloon"
Cookout option for a vegetarian
Last option on a survey
Corvine : crows :: strigine : ___
Word said with a handshake
Lip, in slang
When doubled, "I heard you the first time"
Cartoonish wail
Worshipers of the rain god Illapa
Knight's need
Office-sharing system, in modern lingo
To an excessive degree
One-sixth of a fl. oz.
One might make a splash
Possible insight for a psychologist
Sci-fi beam makeup
Packed with plasticware, perhaps
The plot of Genesis?
Deserving of condemnation
Extend, as an employment contract
"Bridesmaids" co-star Chris
Tries and fails
Getting a strange vibe
Plains people
Hwy. crossings
North/South divide, with "the"
Feels no remorse
They get big bucks from big Bucks
Part of a frame job?
Pet peeve?
Businesswoman Zuckerberg, sister of Mark
Not look so good?
Break-dancer, in slang
Home-improvement chain eponym
Where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played college ball
Prefix with system
Counterpart of FF


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