Crosswords With Friends September 22, 2022 Answers

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Part of the deck from which a dealer deals
Appear to be fine
Shots of shooting stars, say
Not online, to a texter
Where Hemingway worked on "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Kind of wave
*Wagers at the casino (11)
It goes in the middle of a table
"___ away" ("RuPaul's Drag Race" catchphrase)
Water-confiscating org.
Commercial prefix with Pen
Lead-in to state or stellar
*Profit at the casino ( 2 = 13)
Woman's name that sounds like a pair of letters of the alphabet
Certain buckwheat pancake
What some toy horses do
Burrower in sand or mud
Device making robocalls
*Casino game associated with the sum of this puzzle's shaded squares
The tallest one in the U.S. is California's Oroville
Icicle locale
Neighbor of a Saudi
Offload quickly
Sue at Chicago's Field Museum, e.g.
*They're worth 10 points at the casino ( 1 = 14)
Command for hard copies
Years ___
Suffix with second, but not third
It's mouth-watering
*Has a wash at the casino ( 7 = 21!)
Creatures on an Escher Möbius strip
Kind of culture satirized in "American Psycho"
Figures on "The X-Files," in brief
Flow slowly
Like good catchphrases and comebacks
Henna, for one
A bit more buzzed
Location of the "The Most Magical Place on Earth"
An estimated 80% of marine debris
Like pie, but not cookies?
Actress Noblezada who got a Grammy for "Hadestown"
Mischievous fairy queen
Approximate weight of the Liberty Bell
Japanese fried cutlet
"Got it!"
What may be cheaper if it's automatic
Yoga asana often paired with Cow
Max ___, Academy Award-winning composer of "Now, Voyager"
What's highlighted in some makeup tutorials
Smart ___
Chewy chocolaty morsel
It whistles in the kitchen
Bit of condensation
A little sweaty, say
Camera brand with a red circle logo
Some copier woes
To the extent that
Polo brand
Last word in GPS directions, often
It's a stretch
"Sir, this is an ___" (meme punch line)
"The Ballad of ___ Jones"
It's a "gift"
Clean water org.
Messenger, for one


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