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Posted on December 20, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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Currency of Thailand
U.S. city just south of Timpanogos Cave National Monument
Something to shoot for
One who hasn't turned pro?
Strong adhesive
Indiana governor Holcomb
She debuted on March 9, 1959, in a black-and-white striped swimsuit
Virtual pet simulation game that won an Ig Nobel prize for its Japanese creators
Glenn Miller classic
Purchases on 14 de febrero
Major talent grp. representing athletes and entertainers
Overplays, with "up"
Toy that was originally called "L'Écran Magique" ("The Magic Screen")
"Lost ___ is never found again": Benjamin Franklin
Natl. Humor Month
Mild, light-colored cigar
Things found in wandering souls?
Rhodes of the Rhodes scholarship
Photo finishes
U.S./U.K. divider: Abbr.
Loyally following
Flag carrier with an alphabetically ordered name
Game that got a big boost when Johnny Carson demonstrated it with Eva Gabor on "The Tonight Show"
Showy shrub
City in north-central Florida
Writer Arthur Conan ___
Day to play with new toys
Food ___ (Thanksgiving feeling)
Like subway walls, often
Final authority
William ___, founder of Investor's Business Daily
___ area, part of the brain linked to speech production
Toy that was derived from a wallpaper cleaner
"I'm here to help"
Contented sigh
Phillies div.
___ treatment
Harlem attraction, with "the"
Golf great Sam
Place for torn-off wrapping paper
Most common day to call in sick: Abbr.
Right away
Toy with 18 spoken phrases, including "I love you" and "May I have a cookie?"
Investment firm T. ___ Price
A halogen-containing salt
___-Locka, Fla.
"My luck has to change at some point"
Politician parodied by Dana Carvey on 1990s "S.N.L."
Performed a Latin ballroom dance
Puzzle toy solved in a record 3.47 seconds in 2018
Toy that astronauts brought to space to secure tools in zero gravity
Goes off
Not on solid ground, say
Piece in the game go
Strong criticism
Spring event
Rigging pole
Longest-serving Israeli prime minister, familiarly
Driver around Hollywood
"And, touching ___, make blessed my rude hand": Romeo
Small snare drums
Inaccurate information
Game with red and yellow cards
1904 World's Fair city: Abbr.
Flint is a form of it
Sacking site in A.D. 410
Physical, e.g.
"Holy cow!"
Appointment that may be hard to change
Dr. Fauci's agcy.
Poli ___
Premiere arrival
Classic comics teen with good manners
They can elevate art
Alley ___
Org. with boosters
The beginning, in an idiom
By the end of 1996, one million of this toy was sold in a shopping frenzy
"South Pacific" hero
2014 film directed by Ava DuVernay
Goes after
Simian world
First toy to be advertised on TV
Open hostilities
St. Patrick's home
See the sights
Feed lines to
Its box once read "A sweet little game for sweet little folks"
Toy that sold more cars in America in 1991 than the Honda Accord or Ford Taurus
Promoting peace
Actress Taylor of "Mystic Pizza"
"That was Zen, this is ___" (philosophy pun)
"The Tempest" king
Cleanliness fixation, e.g., in brief
Brit. military award
Little bits
Reason for glasses
Singer with a self-titled #1 album in 2002
Be less than ambitious
Subj. for some aspiring bilinguals
Sierra ___
Operatic villains, often
Legal assistant, briefly
Future J.D.'s hurdle
Not just available online
Biblical ending
With some downside
Shot from a doc
Statement of resistance
Big name in small planes
Took care of a tabby, say
Tik___ (app)
Ballpark figures
Lasting impression
Give up (on)
Shopping site with a "Toys" section
Sight from the Sicilian town of Taormina
Textile worker
One whistling while working in the Garden?
Address with dots
Swimsuit part
Suffix suggested by the wiggling of one's hand


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