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Posted on September 27, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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Partly open
Drug also known as angel dust
"Maybe," informally
Window dressing
Tyr, in Norse mythology
Org. with both left- and right-wingers
___ arteries (what carry blood to the kidneys)
"Hmm ... hard to say"
South American financial institution since 1965
Warm up
King of Troy in the "Iliad"
Currency of Laos
1985 thriller with the tagline "A federal agent is dead. A killer is loose. And the City of Angels is about to explode."
Firmly establishes: Var.
Part of a return address?
Experienced network congestion
Used to be
"I Love You, ___" (book by Nancy Reagan)
Twilled fabrics
Subject of two squares on a Monopoly board
Hip-centric dance
It keeps a top up
"Good ___!" (shout to a batter)
Collectible item with stats
Huge financial loss, so to speak
First lady
Memo opener
Elements of neighborhood watch programs
Brewed beverage
Single historical record
QB stat: Abbr.
Fool's gold
Lose stiffness
Fueled up, in a way
California's Point ___ Peninsula
Helpful contacts
Food depicted cryptically at 24-Across
Notes after sols
Consuming Tide Pods, once, inexplicably
At peace
Food depicted cryptically at 31-Across
On, in a way
Brain tests, in brief
Significant periods
___ Sherman-Palladino, creator of "Gilmore Girls" and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"
Item creating separation
Nail polish brand
Viagra competitor
Bit of swearing in church?
"Pay attention!"
Food depicted cryptically at 49-Across
Refuge from a flood
Youngest Marx brother
Skin care brand
Love, in Lucca
Food depicted cryptically at 59-Across
Riverbank romper
Book after Nehemiah
Places to collect prints
Garish signs
Adds more lubricant to
Good name, informally
Jedi who trained Luke
Central American rodent that resembles a guinea pig
TV host with two Peabodys
Sports brand with a three-stripe logo
Sculptor who said "I invent nothing, I rediscover"
Completely defeat, as a noob
Kirsten Gillibrand, to Hillary Clinton, once
Connective tissue that runs along the outer thigh, familiarly
Prayer garment
Farm enclosure
Doing some menial duty, in old army lingo
Reinforces, with "up"
Dramatic intro
Jedi trained by Luke
Jedi related to Luke
Grilled sandwich
Go by
State of drunken confusion
Media restriction
Goes quickly
Venture to state
Azalea with the 2014 #1 hit "Fancy"
Up to one's ears
Caffeinated aspirin brand
A tool or a spray
Fit of pique
Parlor pics
Invite to one's home
To the extent that
Black Lives Matter gathering, e.g.
"Let me pay for that"
Bundle of hay
"Twilight" protagonist
Silver-screen actress known as "The British Bombshell"
TV-MA's film equivalent
Has away with words?
Stand-up comedian Mike
Spam spewers
Many musical chords
Classic laundry brand
Church recess
Feeling amenable (found hidden in this clue!)
Bony projection found just behind the ear
Cause's partner
V.I.P. above veep
Parody, say
Cold storage facilities
Where crumbs might accumulate during a meal
Summer Olympics usually take place in one
Kelly on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Op-eds, e.g.
Hit hard, as brakes
Hook, for one
Sends an invitation for
Be against
Sorted laundry load
Philippine port with a reduplicative name
Euphemistic "extremely"
The so-called "Pearl of the Black Sea"
Word before hand or jaw
Quarters costing dollars?
___ Center, home of the Orlando Magic
Father of Anne Frank
Layer of farmland?
What yellowfin is marketed as
"People ___ talking"
Indy inits.


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